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What’s New on Smith Hill

June 2, 2010

A few legislative updates for you-

Nursing Home Beds

Right now there is a cap on the overall  number of beds in Rhode Island nursing homes to prevent an over saturation of the market.  But when a nursing home closes, where do their beds go? Which nursing home gets to add patients?

The General Assembly passed a bill last night to require that most of those extra beds go to facilities that run their nursing homes according to “The Eden Alternative,” also referred to broadly as the concept of “Culture Change.”

Basically, these concepts redesign how nursing homes work so the elderly can have more fulfilling lives.  Residents have more control over when they eat, when they get up, and how the nursing home is run.  The environment is designed to feel more like a home and less like an institution.

The bill now goes to the Governor


Yesterday, the Senate passed a bill requiring the Department of Education to work with the Rhode Island Interscholastic League to create a plan for teaching coaches, parents, and athletes about how to identify and prevent concussions.

The end result will be some sort of required concussion  training course for all coaches and sports support people .  The House version of the bill passed last week.

Now, it goes to the Governor for his signature.

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