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Last week to weigh in on health insurance rate increases

June 8, 2010

If you want to give the health insurance commissioner a piece of your mind about the latest round of double digit rate requests, you’re running out of time.

June 11th is the last day for sending health insurance commissioner Chris Koller your complaints, suggestions, or whatever about the proposed rate increases.

According to John Cogan, from Koller’s office, only about a handful of people have sent in comments  and no one showed up to talk at a recent public meeting.

To review, Blue Cross is asking for a 12.4% increase for employers at small businesses and 13.4% for companies with more than 50 employees.  Tufts and United’s requests are similar. United- 15.5% for small, 11.7% for large. Tufts is 12.2% small and 11.6% large.

For more on this annual rate increase ritual, check out my older post here.

Koller is expected to make a decision on the rates by  around June 21st.  He’ll likely make those decision public by the beginning of July.

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  1. June 9, 2010 1:20 pm

    “no one showed up to talk at a recent public meeting” – Well said. I couldn’t be bothered to attend that meeting, either.

    These companies will get EVERY penny they are asking for. This is Rhode Island, after all.
    I’m sure 90% of our politicians are “owned” like pieces or property by these insurers by now. (Check for swimming pools).

    If the insurers had asked for 75% rate increases, they would have gotten 75% rate increases~!! don’t you DOUBT IT, either. {Unless you’re new to Rhode Island, where as, you might be in SHOCK}.

    What is the alternative? Rhode Island Health Insurance ? I wouldn’t want a bite of that bruised apple.

    I get my health insurance through United Health. The coverage is great, and, if means 25 more bucks from my weekly paycheck, I’m willing to pay. (I guess I’ll have to cut down on Scratch tickets, the Daily Lottery, my trips to Twin River, my trips to newport Grand, and Cheaters, LOL).


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