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How would you fair under health reform?

July 8, 2010

In 2014, when most of the nation’s health care reform law goes into effect, more people will qualify for government subsidies to buy their own health insurance.

The subsidies go to people at or below 400% of the poverty level who don’t have the option of buying employer sponsored insurance.  But what does that really mean in dollars and cents?

If you’re wondering if it’s likely you’ll get a discount and what it might look like, check out this subsidy calculator created by The Kaiser Family Foundation.

When I plugged in a single 28 yr old adult who makes $30,000 a year with no employer insurance, the yearly premium was $3,391 and the person would qualify for a $882 tax credit to help pay for it.

Kaiser is a great resource for non partisan health care data and news, so it’s worth poking around the site too.

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