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An app for that- inexpensive medications

July 27, 2010

I loved this article in the PBN about Brown med student Scott Guelich who’s created an I-phone app to search for generic equivalents of expensive medications and cheap deals at local pharmacies.

He was inspired, he said, by his encounters with patients during a family medicine rotation at Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island.

“There were a lot of patients who were out of work or didn’t have insurance, and they weren’t taking medications that they needed because they couldn’t afford them,” he said. “And everybody seems to know about the $4 Walmart plan, but they’re not the only plan that’s out there.”

All the major pharmacies at this point have some kind of bargain-priced generics program, Guelich said, and for a lot of the patients at Memorial, who didn’t have cars, going to Walmart on Silver Spring Street in Providence was too difficult.

So Guelich set out to make it easier for the doctors and residents at Memorial to figure out which generic drugs were available for cheap at each of the major pharmacy chains, including ones with stores nearby, such as CVS/pharmacy and Walgreens.

You can get the app for free  here. He also has a $2.99 app for users that want to  send text messages to pagers.

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