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Landmark would become Catholic if sale to Caritas goes through

September 3, 2010

This from the Boston Globe– Caritas Christi, the chain of Catholic Massachusetts hospitals hoping to buy Landmark Medical Center in Woonsocket, plans to turn the struggling Rhode Island hospital into a Catholic institution if the sale goes through.  The Globe says after Ralph de la Torre, the CEO of Caritas spoke with Cardinal Sean O’Malley, he issued this statement-

If Landmark Medical Center is acquired by Caritas Christi or by any company owning Caritas Christi hospitals, Landmark Medical Center will function within and abide by the ethical and religious directives.

That means Landmark won’t be able to offer  sterilization procedures including tubal ligations- the  closing of a woman’s fallopian tubes. Landmark already does not perform abortions.

What do you think about Landmark taking on a Catholic identity?

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  1. Jenny permalink
    September 3, 2010 5:45 pm

    Frankly, I’m more concerned about access to life saving health care, than in whether a hospital will provide abortion or birth control procedures. It’s become absolutely sickening that so much emphasis is placed on abortion and reproductive services, while our hospitals have been reduced to third world cesspools, with unchecked diseases running rampant, the over burdening of our health care system by unchecked immigration, both legal and illegal, and citizens are being denied the life saving care they needed because the bulk of our resources is being used to prop up the cheap foreign labor the corrupt in business and government demands. I don’t want to see reproductive services held up as some great necessity.

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