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As Caritas turns

September 24, 2010

More on Landmark Medical Center’s suitor in The Boston Globe today.  Caritas Christi, the Massachusetts hospital chain that is both being sold to private equity firm Cerberus and trying to buy Landmark,  may have to close two of its  hospitals if MA officials don’t approve the Cerberus deal.

The hospitals, St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center in Brighton, and Carney Hospital in Dorchester, serve a large percentage of low income people on medicaid.  Those medicaid payments are often not enough to cover the actual costs of medical procedures.

The talented Robert Weisman has the story-

The warning was made during contract talks last week with the Massachusetts Nurses Association, according to two people who attended the meeting. The association represents nurses at four Caritas hospitals.

At the Sept. 15 session — which focused on nurses at the flagship St. Elizabeth’s — executives also talked of mounting financial pressures stemming from an increase in the Catholic hospital system’s unfunded pension liability.

In Rhode Island, Landmark and Caritas  need court approval and must go through a lengthy hospital merger application process run by the Attorney General’s office and the Department of Health before their sale can be final.

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