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Brown and Lifespan to change their relationship

September 24, 2010

Brown’s medical school and Lifespan hospitals are adjusting the way they work together, but they won’t say what those changes are until Monday.

Brown has invited reporters to a meeting with Ed Wing (Dean of Brown’s medical school), George Vecchione (the CEO/President of Lifespan), and Tim Babineau (the CEO/president of Rhode Island Hospital) to ” discuss changes to the affiliation agreement between Brown and Lifespan, the document that governs an important partnership for medical education, research and clinical care.”

The 10am press availability on Monday is a bit unusual.  It’s set up as an informal conversation with a small group of reporters, and Vecchione, Wing and Babineau rarely make themselves this available to the press.

Mark Nickel with Brown won’t go into specifics, but he says the amendments to Brown’s affiliation with Lifespan are “significant changes” that “will have an impact that could be years out.”

I’m also hearing that not much is changing and Brown and Lifespan are just taking care of a long overdue formalized agreement about  how Brown residents interact with Lifespan hospitals.

Is it hype or is it a real story?  We’ll see.

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  1. September 27, 2010 5:52 pm

    Hype – Brown is like Google. A lot of money and not really well liked.

    Although I’m sure Brown gives its students a solid education…it also produces too many tree-hugging environmental terrorist liberals.

    Of course, your an except Megan :}. You turned out ….Okay, LOL.


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