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More on medical errors

November 1, 2010

As promised, here’s the data on “retained foreign objects” in Rhode Island Hospitals over the past few years.  Source is  Rhode Island Health Department

Facilities Regulation-Hospitals

Reporting period from 1-1-06 to 10-28-10

Retained Foreign Body for all Hospitals

Calander Year

Foreign bodies left  in patients


1 sponge

1 guide wire

2006 1 instrument
2007 3 sponges

1 vaginal gauze

2008 1 broken needle
2009 1 sponge

1 catheter

1 piece of instrument

Compare this data to the 42 objects left inside patients last year in Massachusetts.  More on that in my previous post.

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  1. paul vincent zecchino permalink
    November 5, 2010 3:05 pm

    Lifespan is a festering, suppurative, chancroid lesion of corruptionj whose objective is to extract money from the citizens of Rhode Island by all available means.

    Lifespan has a history of using predators with law degrees to violate Living Trusts to extract money from families, whose members shortly become dead before their time. When family members ask Lifespan simple questions, in manner of those with much to hide, Lifespan replies with silence, lies, evasions, threats, and Judicial Terrorism – the process by which Lifespan’s thug-lawyers swear our false evidence in Courts so as to violate the rights of the innocent and coerce their silence, so that Lifespan’s executives can continue to live the sportin’ life.

    Unfortunately, The Net and Talk Radio every day expose what Lifespan and others hoped would never come to light.

    Nothing remains buried forever. Truth, as does murder, outs – always.

    Our influence counts. Let’s use it.

    Paul Vincent Zecchino
    Manasota Key, Florida
    05 November, 2010

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