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RI Business Group on Health tries to influence Care New England/United contract

November 5, 2010

There hasn’t been much in the press about this, but Care New England (the hospital group that encompasses Women and Infants Hospital, Butler Hospital, and Kent Hospital) and  United Healthcare of New England are wrangling over the renewal of their contract.

I am not up on the details of the deal- but the Rhode Island Business Group on Health (RIGBH)  is confronting Care New England CEO John Hynes about a supposed request for a 12% payment increase for its non medicaid members.

The group sent Hynes a letter urging him to help slow the cost of health care, not increase it.

…RIBGH understands that CNE has not reflected a willingness to take responsibility for being part of the solution for addressing quality, efficiency and the goal of payment reform but rather to continue its practice of cost shifting to the commercial insurers.

I know CNE and Blue Cross Blue Shield also had trouble agreeing on new reimbursement rates when their contract was up for renewal in 2008.  It got so bad, CNE sent letters to its patients, warning them about how the dispute might affect their coverage.

We’ll see what happens next.

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