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Selling medical marijuana round 2

November 12, 2010

So, today was the deadline for submitting applications to run the state’s first medical marijuana retail stores.  If you’ve forgotten, this was the second time around.  The original 15 applications were disqualified for either being too long or for receiving a score that was too low.

For more on that, check out my previous post.

This time around, 21 people applied to run the so called compassion centers.  And from what I hear, they took their time. It sounds like most of the applications came in during the last two hours.

The Department of Health says it will review all of the applications and determine if they’re complete within the next 2 to 4 weeks.  After that, you’ll be able to read them on the Department of Health’s medical marijuana website.

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  1. Moe permalink
    November 13, 2010 1:22 am

    Curious if Billy Conley will ever disclose his client in this thing. He spent an awful lot of time and energy going after many of the original 15, while never disclosing his vested interest. So much for ethics and integrity. I bet he laid the groundwork for something in Johnston (where he’s solicitor) or East Providence (where he just got on the Council). Either way, lots of eyes will be on that little man to see what he’s really up to. Something stinks around him.

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