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Newport Hospital and South County top flu vaccine rates

November 29, 2010

The Rhode Island Department of Health is congratulating Newport Hospital and South County Hospital for their high rates of employees with this year’s seasonal flu vaccine.  More than 80% of  health care workers at the hospitals have been vaccinated so far.  The average rate of vaccinations at hospitals in RI is 61%.  DOH’s goal is to have an average vaccination rate of at least 70% at local hospitals every year.

It’s interesting that the top performers in this area are both small hospitals- Newport is a Lifespan Hospital but it only has 129 beds, South County is an independent hospital with 100 beds.  Perhaps it’s harder to coordinate all of the health care workers at larger institutions like Rhode Island Hospital and Women and Infants.  DOH seems to be hoping that their announcement encourages the other hospitals to catch up.  Dr. David Gifford, the director of the Department of Health says,

We congratulate Newport Hospital and South County Hospital for protecting their healthcare workers and the patients they care for. Increasing healthcare worker vaccination rates is a state and a national priority, and is a professional ethical responsibility. These two hospitals can serve as a model for other hospitals in the state.

Hospitals across the country are trying to up their vaccination rates.  Massachusetts released its data on health care worker vaccines earlier this month.  But according to an article in the Boston Globe, none of the state’s largest hospitals (300 beds or more) reached a vaccination rate of 80%.  South Shore Hospital almost made it at 79%.

To see the flu vaccine rates for all of the hospitals in RI, go here.

What about the flu shot in general? What a difference a year makes. Remember when everyone was clamoring for the H1N1 vaccine last year?   I’ve been meaning to get my flu shot, but I still haven’t gotten around to it.  What about you?

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