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More on Danny Danko

January 20, 2011
Photo from Danny Danko’s Myspace page. Caption reads “Danko and Chong: a new comedy duo”

One of the gems in former Democratic party chair Bill Lynch’s application to run a medical marijuana retail store in Pawtucket is a plan to use Danny Danko, the senior cultivator editor at High Times Magazines, as the project’s cultivation “guru.”

First, as you might have guessed, Danko is not his real last name. He admits that it’s a “nom de guerre” in an interview with Stuff Stoners Like.  Danko says it’s half tribute to Rick Danko from The Band and half a reference to the movie “Donnie Darko.” In that same interview, he describes his first experience smoking marijuana.

I took to it quite naturally.  I can remember hearing Bob Marley sing, “Excuse me while I light my spliff” in Easy Skankin’ and that was that.  The next time I had an opportunity, I was determined to make it happen.  Since then I must have smoked thousands and thousands of spliffs.  People sometimes say, “Does it ever get boring to be baked all the time?” and I assure them that I’ll let them know when it does.

If you’re interested in Danko’s  recent activity, check out his twitter feed.  So far, I  see no posts about his possible consulting work in Rhode Island, but who knows?

Danko’s Myspace page doesn’t mention RI either, but he does have a post about traveling to other countries-

Back from Amsterdam and boy are my lungs tired

And for a possible preview of the kind of marijuana Danko might recommend, take a look at his High Times page.  His favorite strains for 2010 include “Haze Automatic,” “Blue Dream,” and “Sour Kush.”

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