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AP picks up Alexander story

February 2, 2011

Marc Levy with the Associated Press in Pennsylvania has an article on the Gary Alexander situation in papers across the country today (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out this earlier post.)  WRNI even got a shout out-

In a Jan. 20 online news article, Providence-based public radio station WRNI reported that the director of Rhode Island’s Medicaid program, a former subordinate of Alexander, said there was very little in Alexander’s report that was accurate. The Medicaid director, Elena Nicolella, did not give specifics, and did not return messages left at her office by The Associated Press.

Levy couldn’t reach Alexander directly, but he did get a response from a spokesman at the PA Department of Public  Welfare.  The spokesman said Alexander got his numbers about the Global Medicaid Waiver savings from Rhode Island state documents, despite the fact folks at the RI Department of Human Services say they have no idea where his numbers came from.

Levy also noticed the state seal has been removed from Alexander’s report on the Galen Institute’s website.  Galen Institute president Grace-Marie Turner told Levy she took the seal off a few days ago after a request from Gary Alexander.

Will this extra attention affect Alexander’s appointment in Pennsylvania? We’ll have to see.

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