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As Landmark turns…

April 4, 2011

Another day, another Landmark update.

The financially troubled Woonsocket hospital was in court today to figure out the latest on how to pick a buyer.  Here’s what we learned-

No recommendation Landmark’s Special Master Jonathan Savage WILL NOT recommend a buyer.  Instead, he’ll outline the highlights and benefits of each bidders before Judge Michael Silverstein in a public hearing on April 13th and 14th ( if an extra day is necessary).

Info public this Wednesday– Except for some details that are considered “proprietary information” the public will get the full text of each of the proposals to buy Landmark this Wednesday.

Five or four proposals? On Friday, Landmark’s spokesman Bill Fischer said there were five bids to buy Landmark.  Technically, there are only four.  The fifth is a bid JUST to buy Landmark’s Rehabilitation Hospital.  Fischer wouldn’t guess as to whether Landmark would split the two properties up, but he says at this point anything is possible.

1,200 or 1,300 employees? Today, Landmark’s spokesman Bill Fischer said Landmark has 1,300 employees.  The Projo’s Felice Freyer noticed that’s a 100 person increase from the number he’s used in the past.  Has Landmark hired 100 people?  Answer- no.  The hospital’s Special Master Jonathan Savage says he’s rethinking how to count the number of full time employees the hospital has in order to be precise with potential bidders. He still hasn’t figured out that new formula.

So, should reporters say Landmark has 1,200 or 1,300 employees?  The Special Master’s answer- “I can’t give that to you until I have the formula, because it depends on what formula we use.”  So for now, Landmark has between 1,200 and 1,300 employees.

In court with Blue Cross tomorrow- Landmark and Blue Cross Blue Shield will be in court tomorrow (Tuesday) morning to discuss Blue Cross’s suit requesting permission to terminate its contracts with the hospital- both to provide health insurance to Landmark’s employees and provide reimbursement for services Blue Cross’s members get at Landmark.  Landmark has responded with an objection to the request, arguing that Blue Cross’s suit is just a retaliation for Landmark’s own lawsuit.  That complaint accused Blue Cross of failing to live up to its charitable mission by not negotiating fair reimbursement rates with Landmark.


That’s it for now.  Come back on Wednesday for a run down of the bidders.

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