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How do we make this thing?

April 5, 2011

Today RI’s health insurance exchange will likely take another baby step forward.  The state Senate is scheduled to vote on the bill that would create a “public corporation” charged with designing Little Rhody’s marketplace for buying health insurance.

Considering that the bill was passed unanimously by the Senate’s Health and Human Service’s Committee, it’s likely to pass the full Senate.

So let’s say the bill passes the entire General Assembly, what happens next?  The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation put out this report today to give some advice on one of the practical questions about the exchange- how should we design the website? The so called “tool-kit” relies on what Massachusetts learned from its experiences creating an exchange.

Among the advice-

Focus on providing consumers with clear, comparable information about health insurance plans and provide a simple, easy-to-use “shopping experience” that facilitates informed purchasing decisions

Do this by-

  1. Assembling a team of qualified individuals
  2. Contracting with qualified vendors who worked in partnership with the state
  3. Engaging stakeholders in a consensus-building process to develop the initial site and to provide ongoing input for quality improvement
  4. Articulating clear and concrete system requirements reflecting stakeholder input and consumer priorities
  5. Regularly measuring progress and updating the website

No problem right?

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