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As Landmark turns (slowly)

April 18, 2011

I spent some time in Superior court today listening to the closing arguments from the three companies hoping to Woonsocket’s Landmark Medical Canter (plus the one bidder who’s only interested in buying the rehab hospital.)

The speeches were what you’d expect- a summary of why they’re the best candidates.  But the judge did receive some new information- each company offered a revised bid with new numbers on how much money they’d invest in the hospital.

Landmark’s Special Master Jonathan Savage promised his office would send the summary grids of those new proposals by now, but I haven’t received anything yet.  As soon as I have the actual details, I’ll put them up here. Update- here are two of the new bids- Transition and HealthSouth (The group that wants to buy just the Rehab Hospital)

The United Nurses and Allied Professionals (UNAP) union listened closely to the testimony, especially the statements from RegionalCare Hospital Partners.

RegionalCare hasn’t reached an agreement with the union, but George Bishop with Regional assured the court that “we can come to a reasonable agreement with the union.”  Chris Callaci with UNAP says that statement is “remarkably out of touch with reality.”  He says UNAP made its final offer 12 days ago and it’s done negotiating.

What happens next? Judge Michael Silverstein offered a vague deadline for choosing who should buy Landmark.  We’ll know “no later than early next week.”

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