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First on WRNI, then in The New Yorker!

June 10, 2011

I’m a bit behind on the issues of The New Yorker that seem to appear every day at my house, so I just read this great article about Mitt Romney and Massachusetts’ health care experiment.

And what do you know? Rhode Island’s own Christy Ferguson makes an appearance. Here’s what a Romney adviser says about MA’s individual mandate (requiring everyone to buy insurance.)

“‘We got the idea from Christy Ferguson… At one of our early meetings she brought up the idea of the individual mandate and said, ‘we need to look at that, don’t assume that because he’s a a Republican Governor he’s not going to want an individual mandate.'”

That “individual mandate,” which started as a Republican idea championed by Ferguson’s former boss, Senator John Chafee, (and according to the New Yorker, was even embraced by the libertarian leaning Heritage Foundation?) is now what most Republicans hate the most about the national health care overhaul.  It’s also the central focus of lawsuits challenging the program.

As you may know, Ferguson was once the director of Rhode Island’s Department of Human Services. She’s also a two time panelist on WRNI’s Policy and Pinot series.  Ferguson and Tim Murphy (another Romney adviser featured prominently in The New Yorker article) were both at our last discussion.

Take another listen if you want to hear their perspective on the national health care overhaul.

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