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Show down or make up? DOH and U.S. Attorney’s office to talk marijuana

June 14, 2011

Among the many events scheduled for the 2011 annual meeting of the RI Bar Association is a panel that could either end in a fight or some sort of reconciliation- the head of the Department of Health’s medical marijuana program will share the podium with a lawyer from the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

Here’s the panel description-

Medical Marijuana: Unexpected Consequences for Employers, Landlords, Tenants, 1.0 CREDIT Licensed Health Facilities, and Patients* LEVEL – ALL

Moderator: Bruce W. McIntyre, Esq., RI Department of Health
Speakers: Charles Alexandre, PhD, RN, RI Department of Health
Kenneth Madden, Esq., US Attorney’s Office

State and Federal Law conflicts have raised serious questions about rights of patients, caregivers, employers, landlords, tenants, and law enforcement. The panelists examine the rights and potential liabilities of patients, caregivers, and those who house, employ and treat patients medically.

In case you’ve forgotten, a threatening letter from the U.S. Attorney put the breaks on RI’s medical marijuana dispensary program. Maybe these guys just need to talk…

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