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Women and Infants experiencing telephone troubles

June 29, 2011

Employees at Women and Infants Hospital were in for a surprise today- they couldn’t make any outgoing calls!  The problem started around 10am today. Here’s the official word from the hospital-

Women & Infants Hospital is experiencing telephone problems at all of its locations.

At approximately 9:45 am the hospital lost connection to off-site locations, and at 9:55 am outgoing service on all telephone lines was disrupted.  The hospital has converted from fiber optic lines to copper lines, and a limited number of telephone lines are now available for incoming and outgoing calls.  Some incoming callers may experience a busy signal or it may take some time for an operator to answer the call.

The hospital has been in contact with Verizon, and their representatives are on-site to determine what the problem may be and an estimated time frame for full service to be available.

I’m hearing the problem might have had something to do with Care New England switching its telephone service provider.

If you work for Women and Infants, please write in and let me know how the phone problems affected your day!

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