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Humanizing Medicaid

November 10, 2011

If you want to know about the country’s Medicaid program, The Kaiser Family Foundation has loads of charts and reports to offer. But now, the health policy non-profit is offering something different- pictures and personal stories.

Kaiser’s new Faces of Medicaid project profiles 16 people/families that receive health insurance coverage from the government. None of them are from Rhode Island, but meet Carmen Rosado and her daughters Crystal and Nelly from Bridgeport, Connecticut-

Carmen Rosado and her daughters, Crystal Marie and Nelly Marie. Photo from Kaiser Family Foundation's Faces of Medicaid

From Kaiser’s profile of Carmen Rosado and her daughters-

Carmen Rosado and her two teen daughters, Crystal Marie, age 18, and Nelly Marie, age 13, are all enrolled in Medicaid. Carmen sought out the program following her divorce several years ago, when she and her girls lost the health insurance they had through her then-husband’s business, where Carmen also worked. Carmen took on a night-shift job for a time, but with no health insurance. For about three years now, she has been unemployed and she continues to look for work.

The profile talks about Rosado’s health care needs and also explains Connecticut’s Medicaid program. You can see similar information about Medicaid recipients from places like Maine, Pennsylvania, and Oregon.

Does this make you think about Medicaid in a different way? Or do you already know someone with Medicaid? Maybe you’re a recipient yourself? What do you think of the Kaiser Family Foundation’s approach?

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