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The health insurance exchange illustrated

December 12, 2011

We’ve finally finished our audio slide show explaining Rhode Island’s health insurance exchange!  Check it out-

Special thanks to Steve Brosnihan for the awesome drawings and to Bradley Campbell for putting the entire show together.

Want to take a closer look at the drawings? Here they are-

Bradley and Megan from the side. Drawing by Steve Brosnihan

Bradley and Megan looking forward. Drawing by Steve Brosnihan

Rhode Island is opening a store for health insurance. Drawing by Steve Brosnihan

It will allow you to compare insurance the way you compare cereal in the grocery aisle. Drawing by Steve Brosnihan

Some people will qualify for coupons, AKA government subsidies. Drawing by Steve Brosnihan

The store will mostly be online, but Rhode Island will also create ways to access it on the phone and in person. Drawing by Steve Brosnihan

But there's still a lot we don't know about how this store will work. Drawing by Steve Brosnihan

So there’s your illustrated guide to the health insurance exchange! Want to know more? Check out the forum we hosted in October, as well as the two features explaining what the health insurance exchange is and who would use it.

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