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Pictures of what we sound like

December 13, 2011

Last week I wrote about an artist who drew what public radio personalities look like in his head. His images ranged from the accurate (Terry Gross and Ira Glass) to the bizarre (Carl Kassel was a robot and Michelle Norris was just a big pair of lips.)

It made me wonder, what do our listeners think we look like? What do they see in their heads when they listen to the radio? I got a few great responses on Facebook.

From James Celenza-

I  think of Orson Welles and the Mercury Theatre folks in studio c3 sitting in a circle and stepping, script in hand to the heavy mike, doing War of the Worlds…

From Jen Coleslaw-

I know what many of you look like so I just like to imagine that you all have a drawer full of interchangeable animal noses and fake teeth that you swap out during your broadcasts.

Jimmy Curcio Jr. says this about me-

I picture the “teacher” from Charlie Brown and a lil Arlene Violet to top it off !

And then I got an email that changed everything. Alex Nunes knows what we look like. He was our stellar Morning Edition producer, web guru, and go-to-guy in a crisis. But now that he’s just a listener (Alex now does awesome work for The Day in New London) he decided to send in some images of what we sound like on the radio.  Here they are-

Scott Mackay is John Candy from Uncle Buck

Megan Hall is Kimmy Gibbler from Full House

Elisabeth Harrison is Aunt Becky from Full House

Bradley Campbell is Kirk Cameron from Growing Pains

Catherine Welch is Meryl Streep

Ian Donnis is the comedian Carrot Top

James Baumgartner is Kurt Loder from MTV News

What do you think? Did he nail it? Any other suggestions out there about what you see in your mind when you hear us on the radio?
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