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The last day of Kev

January 31, 2012

I was inspired by my friend Kevin’s plan to spend the first month of the year following really healthy habits. And so, we launched “the month of Kev” here at The Pulse.  My goal was to run or swim five days a week and skip alcohol. Kevin and my friend Nikki committed to a lot more-

So how did they do? Here’s Nikki’s version-

Month of Kev started out with some very strict rules including no drinking, healthy eating (smoothie/green drink daily) and regular exercise. Kev and I both started out pretty strong, however, I will admit that we deviated a bit from the original plan.
On Eating…
Early in MOK I noticed that I wasn’t dropping any lb’s, which became increasingly frustrating. After talking to some of my female friends who have successfully dieted and have similar lifestyles to me I decided to take a new approach. I started paying strict attention to how many calories I was eating a day, something I never really considered because I eat healthy and just assumed that if it’s healthy, no big deal, right? Well after looking at how many calories I should be eating vs. how many I was eating (I love to eat), I was ready to give this a try. My first elimination was breakfast smoothie! While smoothies are delicious, they have a lot of calories and I get pretty hungry 2 hours after drinking it. I’ve started having more substantial breakfasts like eggs and oatmeal. This has helped curb my hunger and keep my energy up. I eat good filling snacks, my favorite being apples with pumpkin butter (not as many calories as peanut butter). I’m always pretty hungry by dinnertime. I cook at home almost every night and use mainly vegetables, whole grains and occasionally a piece of fish. I’m really into making miso soup right now. We haven’t consumed any alcohol but I do still drink coffee daily, I can’t kick it.
On Exercise…
I don’t really enjoy running. I try to. But if I’m going to be honest, I would rather walk. We haven’t been great at exercising this month, but we did move into a new apartment and that took a lot of work! I’ve been trying some new things. I really like yoga, but don’t want to go to a studio because they’re expensive and I’m a newbie to the whole thing so I’ve been doing videos online in my living room. I really enjoy it. This has lead me to wanting P90x, some friends have been bragging about it and hopefully Kev will download it for me today while I’m working. I walk a lot. I’m hoping to make more permanent habit’s in the weeks to come.
In General…
I feel great. I have energy all day and sleep well. My goals are to continue to pay attention to how much I’m eating and create and do P90x in my kitchen. Hope everyone is enjoying MOK. February is MON (month of nik)….get ready.
Kevin describes his month this way-
So I should start by saying that I’m feeling great. Firing on all cylinders. But Month of Kev didn’t go exactly as planned. We made it halfway through the month on the running portion of things. As Nik said, we signed on a new apartment a week and a half ago. That threw things for a loop. In our defense, we moved all of our stuff across town in a compact car. That should be considered exercise, right?
As Nik mentioned, we’ve gone our separate ways for breakfast. She’ll do her thing, I’ll do mine. We’d been doing great, but since the move we haven’t done green drink and the smoothie every single day. To be fair, when missed, we’re substituting them with equally as healthy foods (chopped veggies, fruit, raw nuts, etc).
For brain challenging activities, I’ve been reading the newspaper every day. Nikki’s been knitting a scarf. Everything is going great there.
My goal in these months is not just to get fit, but to start fresh. To try and have these behaviors and habits carry over for the rest of the year. That being said, Nikki’s birthday is in a few days. We’re looking forward to going out to eat, getting a bottle of wine, and having dessert. It’s going to be very nice, and very not Month of Kev. But don’t worry. February is Month of Nik. Her rules this time.
 And what is the month of Nik? Here’s how she describes it-
Month of Nik will definitely include (but not limited to) lavender scented baths, homemade facial scrubs and toners, delicious cooking and kitchen yoga.
Also, I plan to make a piece of art a week. I’m trying to get others in on this so we can share and talk. Pass it on.

I could get into that. Later, I’ll write about how my Month of Kev went. How about yours?


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  1. February 1, 2012 10:45 am

    Great work Meggy!! You are an inspiration to us all.

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