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My first day without Kev

February 2, 2012

Yesterday was February 1st, or for those who have been following along, the beginning of the “non-month of Kev.” I followed the lead of a friend of mine and committed to a set of healthy habits for the month of January. I chose to skip alcohol and run or swim five days a week.

How did I do? It was easier than I thought. I didn’t drink a drop of alcohol and I pretty much kept to my exercise schedule. One week I only ran or swam four times. Not too bad, right?

But what’s more interesting to me is what happens now. Do I cast off all of my healthy habits and turn into a sloth, recovering from that blip of diligently exercising? Too early to say. But I can report from my first day of non-Kev.

Yesterday I woke up early as usual and went swimming. It was hard to imagine not doing it. The alarm went off, my husband was snoring, and the pool seemed like a better option. That night, I broke my month of non-booze with two glasses of red wine. It tasted fine and it was fun to feel a little tipsy, but that first sip didn’t feel victorious. It wasn’t like I’d been lost in the desert and finally received my first drink of water. It felt like, “Oh, ok, this is alcohol.” No big deal.

But, I can probably credit the wine with my next unhealthy choice. I decided I wanted a piece of chocolate cake. We were nowhere near a place with actual baked goods, so my husband bought me a package of hostess cupcakes. I’ve never eaten that stuff before. I’m not sure if I’ve ever even had a Twinkie. But I ate those cupcakes last night, and I have to say they tasted pretty good. I tried to forget the number of calories on the back of the package.

This morning I decided to sleep in and skip my run. But I couldn’t avoid it. I started to dream about running. In my dream, my mother told me to go running anyway and I dashed out the door without stretching, just because it was that important. In reality, I was still in bed.

I got up in time to get ready for work, but not in time to tie on my running shoes. I immediately felt like something was missing. My body just wasn’t awake. The morning lost its rhythm. Getting dressed seemed odd without that surge of adrenaline that comes after exercising. I’m already thinking I should run on Saturday to make up for this oversight. I feel like crap.  It’s time to go back to Kev.

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  1. Kev permalink
    February 2, 2012 11:52 am

    Hey Meg. Nice!

    I also decided to celebrate a completed 31 days. Beer, pizza, and half of a chocolate orange. No run or stretching either. Relaxing? No. I’m feeling crummy. Is this how I am without exercise, or did I just eat too many slices? I don’t know that it matters, I don’t like it.

    Taking Nikki to her birthday dinner on Friday night. Wine, cheese, and probably dessert. Awesome! We’ve decided — come Saturday morning, Month of Nik begins.

    • February 2, 2012 12:06 pm

      It’s amazing to feel the difference. I think I need exercise and healthy eating more than I need wine! Tell Nikki happy birthday! I wish she was here to complete the string of February birthdays.

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