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Public opinion supports RI compassion centers, marijuana decriminalization

February 3, 2012

Last month the Marijuana Policy Project hired the left leaning Public Policy Polling to gauge Rhode Islander’s opinions on all things marijuana.

The results were pretty supportive. Of the more than 700 registered voters surveyed, 70% said Governor Lincoln Chafee should lift his hold on the state’s medical marijuana dispensaries and 49% said they’d view the governor “more favorably” if he did.

For everyone out there that likes to parse the numbers, here’s the break down by gender-

And here’s that same break down for Chafee’s “favorability”-

But the survey didn’t just ask about medical marijuana. It also asked about a proposal to decriminalize the drug, changing the punishment for possession from up to a year in prison to a fine for folks that have less than an ounce for personal use.  The support here drops a little, but a majority still approve of the proposal.

Then the poll goes one step further. How many Rhode Islanders support taxing and regulating marijuana the same way we treat alcohol? Again, a majority, be it a slim one, says yes-

The survey has a margin of error of +/- 3.7%. Of those polled, 32% were Democrats, 16% were Republicans, and 52% identified as Independents/other.

Want to dig into all of the questions and cross tabs yourself? Check it out here.


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