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Inside Steward’s plans for Landmark

February 8, 2012

A big old tip of the hat to Felice Freyer, who totally trounced me on this story. She managed to find a document about Steward Health Care System‘s rough plans for Landmark Medical Center if Steward eventually gets permission to buy the struggling Woonsocket hospital.

After Felice broke the story, I checked out the information myself. The document is an application sent to the Department of Health’s “Office of Health Systems Development“.

This is where things get confusing. Steward filed a larger, more extensive application with the Department of Health seeking permission to buy Landmark. This is not that application. Instead, it requests a “change in effective control” of Landmark. How that’s different from ownership and why it requires a separate, smaller application is beyond me.

Anyway, you can scroll through the hundreds of pages of the application, but here’s the most pertinent info- how many positions Steward expects to eliminate. Below is the spreadsheet for Landmark Medical Center (click on the graphs to see larger versions.)-And here’s the spreadsheet for Landmark’s Rehabilitation Hospital of Rhode Island-

As you can see, most of the eliminated positions are in administrative departments. That’s because Steward plans on using the staff it already has for some of those office duties.

It turns out the Department of Health wasn’t too happy with Steward’s application. On February 1st, health officials called the document “incomplete.”  They sent Steward a letter, listing 22 problems with the application.  Besides some formatting requests, the bulk of the letter addresses problems with specificity. The state continually asks for more information and more details. Including questions like-

  • What is Steward’s policy on charity care?
  • What’s its record on treating “traditionally underserved populations”?
  • Describe your immediate and long term “financial viability.”
  • Talk about your long term plans for “health care programs and health care services.”

The second draft of this application might be more interesting than the first. I’ll let you know when it comes out.

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  1. weed fam permalink
    February 8, 2012 12:04 pm

    The thing that they are not mentioning is that after they take over the medical center and rehab, the usual operating plan calls for trimming staff, since as we all know, every operation has excess personnel, and one person can ever so easily do the work of two (or three, or four), without any increase in their salary. So what if patient care suffers? The stockholders and executives earnings will prosper, and that is all they care about!

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