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Med. marijuana advocates hope to tweak legislation

March 5, 2012

Medical marijuana advocates are relieved to see the General Assembly moving forward on a plan to open the state’s compassion centers, but they’re also hoping for a few changes to the legislation that was introduced last week.

The Rhode Island Patient Advocacy Coalition (RIPAC) worked with the Marijuana Policy Project to draft an email to supporters, urging them to advocate for changes in the bill. They’re most concerned with a portion of the legislation which lets the Department of Health (DOH) limit not just the number of plants each dispensary may grow, but how much marijuana it may possess. The bill reads that DOH can determine-

The maximum amount of marijuana, in whatever form, a compassion center may possess.

Advocates worry that restricting amounts of marijuana is harder than limiting the number of plants. What happens if a plant creates a particularly  high yield? Would compassion centers have to throw out or burn the excess crop? So, the Marijuana Policy Project urges supporters to contact their representatives and senators.

…ask them to tighten the scope of the changes made to current law. A reasonable cap on plant cultivation will still allow the compassion centers to meet demand, but capping possession of usable marijuana could result in supply problems.

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