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Slight changes = Hospital Conversions Act passes RI Senate UPDATED

April 12, 2012

The bill allowing companies to buy more than one hospital in a year has passed the RI Senate by a vote of 36-0 according to Senate Communications Director Greg Pare.

But before the bill passed, it needed one last amendment. I asked Greg to send it to me. It sort of reads like a piece of dadaism.

I hereby move to amend 2012 — S 2180 SUBSTITUTE A, 1 entitled “AN ACT

  1.  On page 20, line 5, by adding the following language after the word “a”: “hospital and/or”.
  2. On page 20, line 7, by deleting the word “or” and inserting in place thereof the language “and/or”.
  3. On page 22, line 5, by deleting the language “the department” and inserting in place thereof the language “each of the departments”.
  4. On page 22, line 8, by adding the following language immediately after the language “available.”: “, for each department”.

Lawyers out there, do these slight word changes mean anything?

UPDATE: Don Wineberg,  friend of Rhode Island Public Radio and the lawyer who offered advice on this legislation, sent me this note about the changes-

 I was involved in the second change: it applies the cap on fees charged in expedited reviews to both the DOH and the AG.  Without the “s” it would have applied only to DOH.

I believe the first change is grammatical and ensures that a change in control of the CharterCare parent would also be available for expedited review.

And that’s what the meaning of and/or is.

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  1. Moe Howard permalink
    April 12, 2012 5:43 pm

    Megan- these are editorial in nature and do not meaningfully impact the bill’s intent or effect. Steward gets the removal of the three year “ban” on additional acquisitions, but may be bound by approval conditions that they may (likely do) regard as onerous and adverse to their interests. For the record, I am not an attorney, but I do have considerable years of experience with legislation- darfting and reviewing. Steward is not happy- trust me.

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