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U.S. Attorney Peter Neronha’s latest medical marjiuana move

April 26, 2012

Last year, a letter from U.S. Attorney Peter Neronha made Governor Lincoln Chafee put the brakes on Rhode Island’s medical marijuana dispensaries.

Now the U.S. Attorney is putting another message through the mail. This one makes property owners “aware” of the actions the office might take against them if they house large scale, for-profit medical marijuana stores.

Jim Martin, the spokesperson for the U.S. Attorney’s Office, says the letters are going out this week to folks that own the buildings for the state’s yet to open compassion centers. It’s possible some owners haven’t received the letters yet.

Martin would not provide a copy of the letter, but he says it served as a reminder that the medical marijuana dispensaries would violate federal law and housing them could result in action against the owners, including forfeiture of the property.

Why send the letters now? Martin says it’s not part of any larger “strategy” or plan of action, just part of the U.S. Attorney’s practice of keeping people informed.

Neronha also paid a visit to Governor Lincoln Chafee on Tuesday where he “clarified” the office’s stance on medical marijuana dispensaries. Martin says that clarification did not involve any opinions on legislation in the General Assembly meant to help these compassion centers open.

Neronha says  he has no position on what is considered a compromise between lawmakers and medical marijuana advocates.

Hats off to the AP (David Klepper) for getting this story first.

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