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Who Will Sell Medical Marijuana to RI?

May 14, 2010

So far everyone is sitting on their hands, but Joanne Leppanen, the executive director of RIPAC, says she thinks at least six different groups will submit applications to run Rhode Island’s first compassion centers.

Joanne expressed some concern about who might apply to run the  state sanctioned medical marijuana retail stores in a piece I did earlier this year.  She’d met with more than a few interested parties that seemed like they were in it more for the money, and less for the getting medicine to sick people.

But now Joanne Leppanen is more optimistic.  Today she told me the applicants she knows about are doctors, researchers, and otherwise very informed members of the community.  Who these people are she wouldn’t reveal on the record.  Everyone is hush hush about their intentions.  Joanne says they’re all worried someone will steal their ideas.

The deadline for proposals is this Monday.  I’m hoping to do an interview with one of the applicants by then, so listen in for more updates.

Oh, and if you’re the procrastinating type and you think you have a shot at running a compassion center, the application details are here at the health department’s website.

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